Troubled Bones – Psalm 6 Devotional

Have you ever had a time in your life where you spent every night flooding your pillow with tears? (Psalm 6:6) I sure have! Many times the tears are a desperate plea to God. Lord, please listen to me, save me from this situation, give me SOME direction or take away this pain. In the middle of that weeping, it is easy to forget God’s steadfast love and remember that he hears our prayers.

For encouragement look at 1 Samuel 1 and the struggle of Hannah. See her anguish and heartache that went on year after year. We can learn a valuable lesson from her. It is okay to be distressed about a situation and to come before the Lord and pour your heart out to Him, but don’t ever give up trust that the Lord has heard you and will answer in his time. Hannah’s childless years ended up producing a prayer that in turn produced Samuel — a judge, prophet and a great man of the Bible. He was the one who God asked to anoint Saul & David king.

I don’t know what is troubling your soul right now, but I do know that God knows and He is deeply aware of your heartache. His heart hurts when yours does, and He promises that He WILL answer us in his perfect timing, give us peace in the meantime and ultimately deliver blessings. When He does, please do not forget to thank Him. Read Hannah’s prayer of thanksgiving for some inspiration. See 1 Samuel 2:1-10

Remember, keep praying because He is 100% listening. He will answer in his perfect time, and when He does, remember to praise and thank Him.

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