Triumphant in God – Psalm 52

Psalm 52

David penned Psalm 52 after learning he had been betrayed and tragedy had struck. David had fled from King Saul and Saul was angry. Then Doeg told Saul that he had seen David with Ahimelech, a priest, who had given David bread and a sword. This infuriated Saul even further and he ordered Doeg to kill Ahimelech and his whole family, “and he killed on that day eighty-five persons who wore the linen ephod” (1 Samuel 22:18).* To process his grief, David wrote Psalm 52.

In this psalm, David arraigns, convicts, and passes sentences upon Doeg. For his sin, David says, “But God will break you down forever; he will snatch and tear you from your tent; he will uproot you from the land of the living.” God hates sin and evil, and he will pass judgement on us all for the things we have done. David’s words may seem harsh but they were also true.

There is light at the end of the dark tunnel

In spite of tragedy and grief, David remembers God’s goodness, trustworthiness and love, and that in God, even if we must pass through tragedies first, we will always remain triumphant.

In his commentary on this psalm, Matthew Henry explains that “In singing this psalm we should conceive a detestation of the sin of lying, foresee the ruin of those that persist in it, and please ourselves with the assurance of the preservation of God’s church and people, in spite of all the malicious designs of the children of Satan, that father of lies.”

If you are experiencing tragedy or betrayal, take heart knowing that God sees all things, knows all things, and will judge all things according to his righteousness and mercy. In him we are triumphant.

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*For more details on the inspiration of this psalm read 1 Samuel 21 & 22.

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