The Truth Will Set You Free

The truth will set you free. This is what Jesus told the Jews who believed in him in John 8:31-47. But how do we get the truth?

Well, Jesus explains: “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (vs. 31-32). 

This is why studying the Bible is so critical to the life of the believer because the scriptures are God’s Word and Jesus is the Word. To abide in his word means “Welcoming it, being at home with it, and living with it so continuously that it becomes part of the believer’s life, a permanent influence and stimulus in every fresh advance in goodness and holiness” (Tasker qtd. by David Guzik). 

As we study the Bible and learn to abide in His Word, we are changed and we will know God’s truth and be set free. 

“The freedom Jesus spoke of doesn’t come from just an academic pursuit of truth in general; but from abiding in His word and being His disciple…There is nothing like the freedom we can have in Jesus. No money can buy it, no status can obtain it, no works can earn it, and nothing can match it. It is tragic that not every Christian experiences this freedom, which can never be found except by abiding in God’s word and being Jesus’ disciple” (David Guzik).

Through abiding in God’s word we not only learn practical pieces of wisdom like those in Proverbs, but we also begin to see God’s overarching narrative that starts in Genesis and ends in Revelation. We see God’s faithfulness and begin to see more clearly our need for a savior. 

By knowing the truth we are set free from the devil’s lies. We are free from sin. We have hope. We know the outcome of God’s divine plan. We are free.

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