The Messianic Psalm – Psalm 69 Devotional

David wrote Psalm 69 as he suffered and was beseeching God to act. Yet this is also a Messianic psalm telling of the sufferings of Christ and his glory that followed. 

The following excerpt is by J. J. Stewart Perowne and draws the parallels between Psalm 69 and the New Testament:

“This has usually been regarded as a Messianic Psalm. No portion of the Old Testament Scriptures is more frequently quoted in the New, with the exception of Psalm 22.

  • When Jesus drives the buyers and sellers from the temple (John 2:17), his disciples are reminded of the words of Psa 69:9 (first clause). 
  • When it is said (John 15:25) that the enemies of Jesus hated him without a cause, and this is looked upon as the fulfillment of Scripture, the reference is probably to verse 4, though it may be also to Psa 35:18
  • To him, and the reproach which he endured for the sake of God, St. Paul refers the words of this Psalm, Psa 69:9 (second clause): 
  • The reproaches of them that reproached thee are fallen upon me. In Psa 69:12 we have a foreshadowing of the mockery of our Lord by the soldiers in the praetorium (Mat 27:27-30); 
  • in Psa 69:21, the giving of the vinegar and the gall found their counterpart in the scenes of the crucifixion, Mat 27:34
  • In John 19:28, there is an allusion, probably to verse 21 of this Psalm, and to Psa 32:15
  • The imprecation in Psa 69:25 is said, in Act 1:20, to have been fulfilled in the case of Judas Iscariot, though, as the words of the Psalm are plural, the citation is evidently made with some freedom. 
  • According to Rom 11:9-10, the rejection of Israel may best be described in the words of Psa 69:22-23.”

The power of prophecy and God’s willingness to use us broken vessels to relay his messages and will never cease to amaze me. In the case of Jesus, Israel’s long-awaited Messiah, I often wonder how I would have acted had I lived during his time. Would I have recognized the fulfillment of prophecy or would I have been crying out for his crucifixion like so many others? 

Psalm 69 is a great reminder of the importance of studying Scriptures because doing so helps us to better understand God’s desires and master plan for his creation and is an essential part of our faith journey!

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