The Lord is My Refuge – Psalm 7 Devotional

In Psalm 7 we see David (before he was King) praying to God, laying out his current troubles.

He tells the Lord how he trusts in him and knows he will be delivered, all the while lamenting about his enemies who pursue him, do him harm and repay his innocent actions with evil.

It is good to cry out to God in this way. It can be cathartic, and it allows us to voice and process our feelings out loud to God.

However, it is not okay to project our assumptions or expectations on to Him. He is good, and he is righteous, but that does not mean that every time we encounter troubles or evil that he will make everything “right.” We, as humans, tend to put this pressure on God and say, “If you really are good and loving then you HAVE to make everything right by my standards, right here and right now!” God is not a cosmic vending machine that spits out exactly what we want. His design and his plan is so much bigger than we could ever understand and he will work things out in His perfect timing and love according to his purposes.

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