The Ark of the Covenant – Psalm 24

It is believed that Psalm 24 was written when David brought the ark of the covenant to Zion from the house of Obed-edom. It is the song David sang as he led this joyful procession. This Psalm, which is similar to Psalm 15 in structure, first glorifies the true God, then describes the true Church, and ends with the true Redeemer.

This Psalm may seem short and sweet, but there is a depth to it that is easily missed if we fail to take the time to explore it further. It is a reminder of God’s power and sovereignty as the creator of the universe. It is a reminder that I must continue to seek God and his ways as I continue my journey of sanctification. It is also a reminder of Christ, our redeemer, who came and will return.

Most importantly, Psalm 24 is a reminder that God, despite his power and majesty, wants to be in relationship with us despite of our brokenness.

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