Studying Scripture With Intention

fishymom method

Scripture is one of the most powerful tools God has given us to know him better, gain wisdom, and act as a guide in life. Yet, studying scripture can sometimes become a chore.

Not because we don’t want to read it, but because we often don’t know how to study it. Yes, you can simply read the Bible and you will glean goodness from it, but what if you could read the Bible in a way that changed your world? Scripture is captivating and powerful, and I know I want that in my life!

I have been studying God’s word for decades, and along the way, I have had seasons of drought and seasons of fruitfulness. Those seasons were positively correlated with the valuable time I spent in scripture. So, I have created the fishymom™ Method to help myself study the Bible in a way where I can dig deeper than if I was simply reading. Now I want to share it with you!

What is the fishymom™ Method?

The fishymom™ Method guides you through your own personal Bible study and it can be used with any and every portion of the Bible. Below are the steps that make up the fishymom™ method.

  • Find: When studying scripture find other passages that relate to what you are currently reading and help tell more of the story. Reading other translations of the same passage is also very helpful.
  • Inquire: Be inquisitive! Ask questions about the passages you are reading. Is there something that stood out to you? Did something confuse you?
  • Scripture: Take your time to read through and examine the scriptures you are reading. Which verses spoke to you? Which was your favorite? Which challenged you?
  • History: Scripture is alive and active, meaning it is always relevant. However, it is also important to understand the historical context of what you are reading. It will provide amazing insight into the passages you are reading. It will give you the big picture!
  • You: Finally, what lessons can you learn from these verses? How do they apply to you, and how can you apply them in your life?

I hope that you find the fishymom™ Method helpful and want to begin using it during your own time spent in the Word. My prayer is that as you dig deep, God will overflow you with wisdom, encouragement, and confidence.

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