Seeing God in the Thunderstorm – Psalm 29

Do you ever experience or see something in nature that leaves you in awe of God? Something like a beautiful sunset, the first snowfall of the year, or a thunderstorm?

It is believed that David was inspired to write Psalm 29 during a thunderstorm. The power of a raging thunderstorm reminded him so much of God’s power that his best reaction was to not be afraid, but to pen a song of praise to the one who created the storm. David compares the power of God’s voice to the thunderous sound of the storm and the power of his words to lightning.

What I love about this Psalm is that it reminds us that God has purposefully designed creation in a way that tells of his own nature and character, and if we pay close attention, we can know God more by studying his creative work. Next time you’re in a thunderstorm, read Psalm 29 and see it from David’s point of view.

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