Schwarz Family Faves

My husband is at it again!

His newest iTunes playlist contains 58 songs all from different Christian artists and is nearly 3 ½ full hours of pure music nostalgia… at least for me 😊.  This playlist contains a mix of many of our favorite songs and artists that we listened to growing up and in college, as well as some of our newer favorites as well!  Christian rock/alternative is the prevailing theme along with just enough of our newest favorite style, CEDM, thrown in for fun!  A good majority of the songs are from the 90’s and 2000’s, although hopefully, the ones chosen do not sound overly “dated”!

As usual, I love the way the playlist flows from the beginning song all the way to the end – mixing up styles and intensities with near-seamless transitions.  As I listen, I find myself saying or thinking to myself, “now that’s a great song” over and over again!  To those of you CEDM fans: although a few of our favorite songs cross over from the Christian Electronica Mix playlist, the additions of songs like LZ7’s Two Left Feet, Oh Snap It’s Luke!’s Strange Days remix (awesome sauce!) and a new release by Phocust should satisfy your musical cravings!  Ultimately, I think this playlist is fabulous and represents many of my favorites from the past and present. Jump over to iTunes and snatch up the Schwarz Family Faves playlist – I hope you enjoy it nearly as much as I do!

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