Letting it All Out – Psalm 35

In Psalm 35, David is letting it all out. He’s frustrated and wants justice. Throughout the Psalm he is complaining about those persecuting him and asking God to vindicate him and rain down his judgement on his enemies. Many believe David wrote this Psalm as Saul was hunting him down so his frustrations are understandable.

Letting out our frustrations can be healthy and cathartic, but remember, as Matthew Henry said, “Christ has taught us to forgive our enemies and not to pray against them, but to pray for them.” When you’re fighting with someone or you’re being persecuted by others make sure to process those feelings in the healthiest way you can. That can be by releasing frustration through physical activity, confiding in a friend, laying on your bed and singing at the top of your lungs, or any other number of ways. But after you’ve processed your own frustrations and hurt feelings, pray for those who you are mad at or hurt by. Pray for God’s mercy, not anger. Pray for his grace, not judgement. Pray for his forgiveness, not condemnation.

Praying for those we have been hurt by can be tough because our natural human instinct is to want others to suffer in the same ways that have made us suffer, but imagine if the tables were turned on you. Wouldn’t you hope for grace?

The Psalms are a treasure chest of wisdom, encouragement, and hope, but don’t just take my word for it, find out for yourself! Grab your copy of Celebrating Psalms – Book 1 today to begin digging in!

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