Let the Spirit Guide

In John 16, Jesus continued to talk to his disciples about the Helper, the Holy Spirit, who will be given to them when he is gone.

However, the Helper could not come as long as Jesus remained. Jesus told the disciples that it was to their “advantage” that he leave so that the Helper could come and “convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment” (vs. 8). 

Then Jesus made a powerful statement regarding the Holy Spirit: “When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth” (vs. 13). Not only is this knowledge powerful, but it is comforting. The Holy Spirit will guide us as we try desperately to navigate this dark, sinful world, and he will guide us into the truth. 

It would seem that one of the initial ways in which the Spirit was guiding was through the writing of the divinely inspired New Testament scriptures. Of course, he also guides through other means, but remember, the Spirit will never lead you down a path that contradicts God’s word. Therefore, it is important to always test what we feel the Spirit saying or leading against scripture. 

Get familiar with the voice of the Holy Spirit

If you are feeling lost or need guidance, encouragement, or wisdom, listen for the Holy Spirit. At first, it might seem weird or uncomfortable. You might also be confused about whether the thoughts in your head are your own or from the Helper, but the more you get accustomed to the voice and guidance of the Holy Spirit, the more familiar he will become and the easier it will be to discern. So get familiar. Set aside time to pray and read your Bible. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you, and do it regularly. 

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