Lamenting to God – Psalm 74 Devotional

In Psalm 74, the psalmist is lamenting to God.

In fact…

“he complains of God’s desertion of His Church, and appeals for aid, encouraging himself by recounting some of God’s mighty deeds, and urges his prayer on the ground of God’s covenant relation to His people, and the wickedness of His and their common enemy”

The beauty of the psalms is that they are full of feelings. The psalmists are not afraid to be blunt or vulnerable. They lay it all out there. This is encouraging because it gives us permission to be honest and express both our struggles and joys, openly and honestly with God. 

In Psalm 74, the psalmist cries out, then remembers how God has moved in the past, and then beseeches God to act again. He isn’t afraid of being raw or saying the wrong thing because God cares. God sees our pain and he wants us to come to him. He wants to set our path straight again. He wants to be our comfort and refuge. He wants to be our source of hope and joy. 

In today’s culture, we’re not given many opportunities to lament. We’re almost forced to curate this perfect picture of our lives, even when we’re dying on the inside. So I want to encourage you to lament when you need to lament.

If you’re struggling right now, write out a lamentation to God. Be real. Be honest. Be vulnerable. God can handle it. Use Psalm 74 as an example: start by crying out, then remember what God has done in your life, and then ask him to move.

After talking to God, reach out to us here or inside the Study Nook group and we can lift you up in prayer and cry out to God with you. 💕

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