How to start doing an online Bible study at home… it’s easier than you think!

The topic of late is “How do I do {xyz} at home or online” So many in-person activities are being moved to a completely online/digital format.

Bible study and in-house church functions are no exception. We must adapt to an online format to keep our churches, ministries and individual spiritual life active.

I have been running an online Bible study for a few years now and I wanted to share with you how easy it is to get started TODAY, with only a few supplies, and very low cost.

Prep work:

You really only need a few key items to start your online Bible study at home. If you are starting from scratch (no supplies at all) it may cost you about $50 to get completely set up.  You need to have a good Bible or Bibles to read and study from, a notebook and some pens, Bible highlighters or colored pencils.

  1. Bonus Tip: I like having several Bibles when I am studying a passage of Scripture. I have one for highlighting and notes, a study Bible (I love the maps, outlines, and the cross-reference of a good study Bible), and I also use a few different versions to help me get a complete picture of the passage. Here is a peek at my favorite supplies to use…
Step #1:

Look through your Bible, choose a book and start reading it. Don’t overthink this, don’t spend hours or even days agonizing over what book to start reading. Reading any book of the Bible is better than not reading. 😊 In high school, I wrote the name of each book of the Bible on a strip of paper, put them in a pile, I would randomly choose one and start reading that book.

  1. Bonus Tip: My online Bible study (Study Nook) is currently reading through the book of Genesis. It is one of my favorites and I have read through it several times. So, this time around I am not only reading the book but I am also listening to the book every day. I am reading and studying only 1 chapter per day but I have been putting on the audiobook of Genesis and listening to the entire book every day. 
Step #2:

Seek out or create your own online community group. It is always more fun to have other people reading the Bible with you and it gives you accountability. “Socially distant fellowship” is the name of the game. 🤣

  1. Bonus Tip: If you don’t want to spend the time searching or creating your own online community –  I have a Free online Bible study group all set and ready to welcome you. (Comes with FREE printables 😉) Study Nook Friends Bible Study Community
Step #3:

REMEMBER to schedule your Bible study/quiet time! Put it in your planner and set a reminder on your phone or write it up on the family calendar.  Michael Hyatt says “What gets scheduled gets done.” – TRUTH! Don’t leave this precious activity to chance or to the leftovers of your day.

  1. Bonus Tip: There is no perfect time, every person and every schedule is different. It just matters that you make time. Since we are finding ourselves more at home, have your kids join you, do your study at dinner with your spouse or with friends over Facetime. (Here is a FREE printable you can use with your kids – The top section is for them to color something about the Bible passage you just studied and the bottom section is for them to write out a verse or something they learned.)
Step #4:

Once you get into the habit and rhythm of daily Bible study…start adding tools to enhance your study time. Maps, history lessons, and cross-references are my go-to tools.

  1. Bonus Tip: Here are my faves

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  1. I love these steps and especially like your encouragement to just start reading! This is a helpful breakdown. I love studying my bible but this has also inspired me to listen to it daily as well. Blessings to you!

    1. Post
  2. Great, informative post April! I like the ESV translation. I call it the Extra Special Version, LOL! I do agree, it’s helpful to have different translations to read from. Thanks for this. Love your points here.


    Thank you for linking up at InstaEncouragements!

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