God’s Plan – Psalm 72

Psalm 72

There is some debate over who wrote Psalm 72. Some believe it was David, others believe it was Solomon, and some even believe Solomon wrote it on behalf of David when in his old age when he could no longer write. Regardless of which king wrote it, this psalm is about Christ. 

In his book, Systematic Theology, Charles Hodge succinctly explains how this psalm refers to the Messiah: 

“The Seventy-second Psalm contains a description of an exalted king, and of the blessings of his reign. These blessings are of such a nature as to prove that the subject of the Psalm must be a divine person.

  1. His kingdom is to be everlasting.
  2. Universal.
  3. It secures perfect peace with God and goodwill among men.
  4. All men are to be brought to submit to him through love.
  5. In him all the nations of the earth are to be blessed; i.e., as we are distinctly taught in Gal 3:16, it is in him that all the blessings of redemption are to come upon the world.”

Jesus and the foretelling of his kingdom and purpose are weaved in throughout the whole Old Testament, and it is amazing to see. It is a reminder that God’s plan for salvation was not a last minute, hail Mary attempt to save his people. It was a well designed plan set in place from the foundation of the earth. God, in his omniscience, knew that his creation, mankind, would fall and need a path to redemption. He knew, it wasn’t a surprise to him. Then in his mercy and goodness he set forth his plan of redemption to create a path for reconciliation for mankind.

We are saved and able to be in communion with the father purely because of his mercy, and that knowledge is awe inspiring.

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Psalm 72

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