God’s Majesty – Psalm 8 Devotional

In Psalm 8, David is voicing his astonishment at God’s majesty, and how crazy it seems that God, the creator of all things, seen and unseen, would care about us.

Yet, he does.

He cares so much in fact that he goes as far as to put us in charge of the rest of creation.

Have you ever looked up at a magical night sky or a strong, beautiful waterfall cascading down and been mindblown? It can be easy to see just how majestic and powerful God is through his creation during these moments and make us question how we fit into it, but make no mistake, you are God’s prized creation. He adores you and chose to make YOU in his likeness. He has made you beautifully strong, creative, and with a capacity to love deeply.

Do not let insecurity, fear, or doubt strip you of the beauty and purpose God created you to have. Stand firm in who you are as a daughter of the king and soak in his majesty.

How cool is this…

With the naked eye, one can see about 5,000 stars. With a four-inch telescope one can see about 2 million stars. With a 200-inch mirror of a great observatory, one can see more than a billion stars. The universe is so big that if one were to travel at the speed of light, it would take 40 billion years. Considering the heavens makes us see the greatness of God.

Study Guide for Psalm 8

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