God is the Greatest Shepherd – Psalm 23

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” How many times have you recited this psalm? I know it by heart and it is one that has brought me much comfort in times of sadness and trial.

However, as I read Psalm 23 this morning I noticed something I haven’t before. David wrote this psalm while he was king, but in it he is recalling his time as a shepherd. Some would be embarrassed of their former days as a lowly shepherd, but he wasn’t. He wasn’t ashamed of his past because it was being a shepherd that led him to be king. Sometimes God takes us down a path that doesn’t seem to make sense or we take a job that we’re not fulfilled by or proud of, but the challenge isn’t “suffering” through those times, it is being obedient and having faith that God is taking you down that specific path in order to get you where you were meant to be.

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