Christian Electronica Mix

One thing about me you may or may not know but I LOVE music! 🎶 I love a wide variety of genres and I don’t ever go a day without jammin’ to some tunes. 😉 I am that girl who you see dancing and singing in her car, radio up a bit too loud.

When my husband & I were dating he used to make me mix CD’s, and whew, did that make me swoon.  On occasion, he dropped another mix my way, and it always made my heart beat!  But with technology changes and additions to our family, the mixtapes had become a thing of the past.  We recently though added Apple Music™ to our repertoire of expenses It took some time, but my husband finally engaged in catching up on much of the music we’ve been missing out on over the past several years!

Starting last fall, I’ve received iTunes playlists on several occasions and over that time we have become fascinated with CEDM and the electronic music style.  I loved it every time he’d present me with his newest and latest mix.

After three or four smaller electronic playlists, he created the Christian Electronica Mix, it is an amazing 48 song playlist that highlights a variety of electronically influenced music – dubstep being the prevalent style. It’s 3 hours of pure energy and, is in my mind, a masterpiece! 😊

What is amazing is that all this music is brand new to us!  Over just a few months, he researched hundreds of artists, DJ’s, and bands in this genre that has blossomed over the past 5 or 6 years, and ultimately, we have fallen in love with it.

This playlist is by far my all-time favorite mix he has ever done and that’s saying something since we have been together for 16 years.  Many, many thanks go out to these artists for their efforts and sacrifices in producing such music that brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart!  I encourage any who sees this and who listens to the music to support these artists in any way possible and I hope you enjoy the music as much as I do!

Grab the playlist 🎶

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