A Royal Wedding – Psalm 45

Psalm 45 is a beautiful song prophesying about the coming Messiah. While some believe this Psalm was written regarding Solomon’s marriage to Pharaoh’s daughter, most believe it is, and can only be, about the bridegroom Christ and his bride, the Church.

To be honest, sometimes the allegory of the bride and groom gets lost on me. However, I recently came across an excerpt from the 19th Century Scottish theologian William Binnie that helped me better understand the connection.

“When a prince sets his affections on a woman of lowly rank, and takes her home to be his wife, the two are so united that her debts become his, his wealth and honours become hers. Now, that there is formed between Christ and the church, between Christ and every soul that will consent to receive him, a connection, of which the most intimate of all natural relations is the analogue and type, we have already found to be not only taught in the Psalms, but to be implied in the very structure of many of them. He takes his people’s sins upon him, and they receive the right to become the sons of God: the One Spirit of God wherewith he was baptised without measure, dwells in them according to the measure of the grace that is given them.”

As the bride of Christ we have entered into an everlasting union where he has rid us of our debt (our sins) and we are now daughters of God. What a beautiful picture!

What does being the bride of Christ mean to you? Or is that metaphor one you’ve struggled with as well?

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