3 Benefits of Writing Down Scripture

We all know that studying the Bible is an essential part of Christian life. However, not all Bible studies are created equal.

If your intention is to marinate in God’s word to gain impactful, applicable lessons and encouragement then it is important that you are studying scripture in a way that will allow you to do so.

The best way to memorize and internalize what you are reading is to write it down. This may seem counter-intuitive since you already have a Bible or have access to the Bible online or through an app, but the purpose of copying scripture is not to create your own unique copy of the Bible, it is to allow you to slow down and glean more of its goodness.

Studies show that there are many benefits of physically writing things down. Here are three:

  1. Keeps you more engaged: I know I am not the only one to read through a chunk of verses only to realize I have no idea what I just read because my mind was wandering. By writing down portions of scripture as you read through it, you are kept more engaged and it causes you to process the words you’re reading and writing more slowly, which means you’ll get more out of your study time! This slow pace creates mindfulness.
  2. Uncovers overlooked details: Due to the slower pace of your Bible study as you write out scriptures you’ll be able to perceive details in the verses that you may have overlooked before. Additionally, as your hand writes down certain words or phrases multiple times, you’ll begin to understand that those words and phrases are important. This will allow you to better see what God has emphasized in his Word.
  3. Helps you memorize and internalize: Studies suggest that writing down scripture on paper leads to a higher quality of learning because it helps you memorize what you are reading and internalize the wisdom on the pages. A study published by Intech found that writing by hand “leave[s] a motor memory in the sensorimotor part of the brain.” This helps establish a connection between reading and writing and helps you better remember what you are studying as it allows the verses to enter both your conscious and subconscious thoughts.
3 Benefits of Writing Down Scripture

It is because of the amazing benefits of writing out scripture that we created the Study Nook Series creative journals to help you internalize God’s word and express what you are learning. The journal consists of two pages for each day: one with lines and one blank. The lined page is for you to write out the assigned verses for the day. The blank page is for fun! It’s where you have the freedom to be as creative as you’d like. You can draw, journal, write out a prayer or just take notes. 

Have you ever written out scripture as part of your Bible study?  

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  1. I love writing Scriptures too, April. And you’re so right about the benefits. I have a special journal where I keep favorite verses as well.
    You have such a beautiful, uplifting website and I’m glad I found you via the iHeart Verse link party.
    Blessings to you!

  2. Great reminder April, it helps to fix it in our long term memory as anything less then 20 minutes will only be short term memory & fizzle out.
    You’re most welcome to drop by for a cuppa,
    Bless you,

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